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WELCOME TO DIGITALAB – a professional photo lab, which is a family run business currently celebrating our 67th year in business. Originally established in 1949 as Mobile Photo Services, Digitalab as we are now known, are housed in our custom designed premises in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle. We have been serving the needs of photographers in the North East of England for a long time, but having invested heavily in state of the art IT infrastructure and with our online photo printing service, Digitalab can now be your “local” lab wherever you are located. We now even have many regular customers based outside the UK. Unlike many other professional photo labs we have retained all of our traditional equipment to provide a complete traditional film as well as digital printing service. Our aim is to give you a high quality, professional, reliable and personal service.

At Digitalab we believe that we possess the winning combination. Add the latest “state of the art” digital printing equipment to the many years of knowledge gained by our experienced staff in all aspects of colour, black & white and digital printing. The result ? … a professional photographic printing service second to none, anywhere in the UK.

This service is available to anyone & is accessible to photographers anywhere in the UK (& beyond) by using our user-friendly & newly upgraded ONLINE PHOTO PRINTING SERVICE.

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Digitalab provide our customers with a comprehensive professional service. Whether you are using digital equipment or shooting on film, we have the technology and expertise to provide you with the highest quality processing and printing. Digital prints onto photographic paper produce stunning results. Both our digital High Definition Pro-Minilabs and our large format Lightjet 5000 photographic printer use RGB lasers to expose the image to photographic paper.

This system can achieve better and more controlled results than traditional photographic printing in terms of sharpness, colour saturation and contrast control. The Lightjet 5000 can print up to 8ft x4ft in one section and, because the laser exposure system does not pass through a lens, can achieve edge to edge sharpness, especially noticable in text sharpness, that most other large format photographic output devices cannot match. The Lightjet 5000 prints at an apparent resolution of over 4000 dpi.

As well as our comprehensive range of photo lab services our Exhibition department supply Banner Stands & Pop Up Exhibition Stands with superb quality graphics, printed in-house on our Lightjet photographic printer (not inkjet). We also have or unique online banner stand design tool, where you can design you own banner stand for FREE!


    The continuous tone resolution is equivalent to a 4000 dpi printer, finer than film grain, with no visible dots. No inkjet, dye sublimation or electrostatic printer can come close to this degree of detail.
    36-Bit colour means that the Lightjet can reproduce
    68 BILLION colours.
    The Lightjet prints onto archival quality photographic paper, producing sharp and rich colours that have a longevity far beyond that of inks or dyes.
    The Lightjet’s RGB lasers expose the paper by travelling along a drum. This produces a print that is sharp and clear from edge to edge with no pixelation and with no density or focus fall off associated with conventional prints made through a lens.


image by Joe Cornish
© Joe Cornish

“When I required digital output I found that the prints produced by
the Lightjet 5000 were of outstanding quality. I was surprised by the
colour saturation of the prints and the accuracy of their reproduction
in relation to my original transparencies.”Joe Cornish

Large format digital printing video


Digitalab recently had the privilege of working with renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish on a large format print project. The project consisted of 16 different images, some as single prints, others as large triptychs. All the prints were then laminated, some being mounted on dibond aluminium sheet, some on foamex and additionally some were also framed. The large format photography commission undertaken by Joe for the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley’s NHS Foundation Trust was then installed in their new flagship mental health facility, Roseberry Park in Middlesbrough.

Joe’s images were made up of multiple exposures captured on a Phase One digital back, which were then meticulously stitched together, producing, with the aid of Digitalab’s Lightjet printer, amazingly detailed prints. These are the largest prints that Joe has ever had made and as you will see in the video he was amazed at how much detail was actually achieved in the final prints. As always, it was an honour and a pleasure to work with Joe on this project. Below is a rather rough and ready video, it really doesn’t do justice to Joe’s photography or our Lightjet printing, but is merely a record of how the final prints were produced.

All our photographic prints, including those on our online photo printing system, are produced using the same technique, so whether you are Joe Cornish or Joe Bloggs your digital prints get the same treatment. The digital files are exposed onto silver-based Fuji Crystal Archive Professional photographic papers using RGB lasers, either on our Lightjet 5000 or on our high definition Noritsu 3801HD pro mini labs. These are known as digital C-type prints. No ink is involved! The only time we use inkjet technology is in the production of canvas prints or prints on Fine Art Paper. If your browser fails to see the embedded video then watch it on YouTube.