Our Photo Printing Services

At Digitalab, professional photo printing is our bread and butter. Committed to delivering superior quality prints to our customers, we work to transform your best loved images into beautiful, long-lasting outcomes. Using professional processes and only the finest photographic materials, we guarantee perfection without exception.

With an enormous range of diverse printing options available, photography lovers and professionals alike can find a medium that does their portfolio justice – and thanks to our easy image uploader, customers can order photo prints online and have the final products delivered right to their front door.

Our no-nonsense photo printing guide gives you a peek inside our state-of-the-art photographic lab, including everything from a step-by-step breakdown of the order process to expert information on how our printing service works and the options available to you. With our help, you should have everything you need to create stunning, high quality photo prints from your latest and greatest images.

Online Photo Printing

How do I print my photos with Digitalab?

If you’re looking to get photos printed, our ordering process couldn’t be easier. From browsing our printing products to feasting your eyes on the final outcome, we take the hassle out of finding professional quality prints.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by exploring our wide range of photo printing services to find your perfect match. Including everything from framed photos and large format prints to canvas wraps and acrylic blocks, our diverse printing options help you to display your images at their very best.
  2. If you’ve settled on a medium, the next step is to upload your photos. Whether you’re grabbing these straight from your camera, uploading from your PC or printing via social media, Digitalab’s online uploader is easy to use and gives you the freedom to print from just about anywhere you like.
  3. To guarantee your prints are exactly as they should be, letting us know the dimensions, materials and mounting options you’d like us to use is key. When we print pictures for our customers, satisfaction is always the top priority – so set your specifications and we’ll create the perfect print for you.
  4. As soon as you’re happy that you’ve found the print you want, it’s time to submit your order. When you choose to order photo prints with us, you’ll get the highest quality photo processing service combined with a speedy turnaround – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of efficiency.
  5. Once you’ve placed your order, all that’s left to do is wait for our in-house photo printing specialists to work their magic. If you’re local, you can stop by our lab to collect your prints – and if not, we offer delivery throughout the UK so that you can have your photo prints brought direct to your door.

Can I order photo prints online?

Our Photo Printing Services

Thanks to our on-site ordering system, you can order prints online from the comfort of your own home – with the option to customise your photo prints to perfection. From print size and aspect ratio to mediums and mounting options, the choice is yours and the possibilities are practically limitless.

Digitalab’s user-friendly image uploader makes it easy to print photos online – whether you want to select files stored on your computer or SD card, or print directly from your social media channels. Simply upload the images you’d like printed to our order system, select your printing specifications and our in-house experts will take it from there!

Browsing your options online is the best way to find the ideal product for you – with instant access to our suite of photo printing services via desktop, mobile or tablet. On top of the convenience you’ll find when shopping for prints on our site, you’ll also be able to instantly compare print prices and take all the time you need to find the option that’s best suited to your photos.

Order photos online from anywhere in the UK to have your images printed your way – and because our online store never closes, you can submit your order day or night! To explore our huge range of online photo printing options, check out our product selection today.

Of course, if you’d rather order your prints the traditional way, that’s no problem. Customers can submit offline orders via post by filling in our printable order form or sending clear and comprehensive instructions on their order requirements. Remember to provide a daytime telephone number and we’ll get in contact to confirm your order and card details over the phone.

Find out more about mail order photo prints right here.

Which photo printing services are available?

As well as our no-frills digital photo prints, available in a range of popular and more obscure sizes, we also offer a great range of diverse digital photo printing options for amateurs and professionals alike. So, whether you’re looking for a personalised gift or a high quality print for professional display purposes, we’ve got just the thing.

Our specialist photo printing services include:

Framed prints: your photographs deserve the royal treatment – and at Digitalab, we take pride in creating professional prints for our customers. Our framing service is designed to meet all requirements, with a variety of popular sizes as well as bespoke framed prints made to order.

Mounted prints: to present your prints in all their glory and give them the protection they need, check out our range of expert mounting options – available for a huge number of print sizes and in a selection of quality display materials.

Canvas prints: for an elegant and durable way to present your photos, take a look at our contemporary canvas prints. Sealed with a UV protective laminate and built to last, these photo prints are stylish and splash-proof.

Acrylic prints: a particularly eye-catching way to display your prints, our acrylic blocks and frames are created using the finest photographic materials and make a modern addition to any home – available in a number of sizes depending on your specific needs.

Large format prints: if you’re looking for a striking statement piece to introduce to your home or you’re a professional photographer approaching your next exhibit, Digitalab’s large format prints can be created from your digital uploads, colour or black-and-white negatives, and colour transparencies.

Exhibition stands: in addition to personal and professional photographic prints, we also specialise in event marketing materials – including portable banner stands and engaging exhibition stands to help your brand stand out wherever it goes.

Film processing

Many of our customers swear by traditional film photography, due to the richness and authenticity of this timeless medium – and at Digitalab, we appreciate how important it is to have your film processing done in a professional lab.

On top of our selection of digital photo printing options, we offer traditional photographers a specialist film developing service – with the opportunity to have your photos written to a CD or printed in stunning high quality. Whether you’re working with 120 film or 35mm, we can process your photographs in our state-of-the-art lab in vibrant colour or dramatic black-and-white.

To check out our full range of photo printing services, click here.

Does Digitalab offer large photo prints?

Our Photo Printing Services

When it comes to professional photography, size matters – and at our expert photo printing lab, we help artists transform their images into big, beautiful prints that make a huge impact. Whether you’re off to an expo and need some examples of your latest and greatest works or exhibiting in a gallery and want to do your images justice, our large photo prints are the ideal solution.

We love working with experienced photographers and bringing their creations to life – which is why we offer an enormous range of sizes, materials, deals and upload options to guarantee our customers gorgeous large-scale prints exactly the way they want them.

Here are just a few of the unique benefits you’ll find with our large photo prints:

  • Large prints are available from 20×16” to 96×48”
  • Individual large format print prices start from £11.25, or £9.99 each if you order 6 or more prints using the same image
  • Print from digital files, colour transparencies and colour or black-and-white negatives
  • Large photo prints are created using our Lightjet 5000 large format digital printer
  • Digitalab offers prints on Gloss or Matte archival photo paper, as well as specialist options such as Fujiflex, metallic and Duratrans prints
  • Larger image files can be uploaded via our WeTransfer channel or FTP

Specialist photographic prints

Fujiflex: this hardwearing, polyester-based material delivers a gorgeous, high gloss finish – producing razor sharp photo prints for display in any home or exhibition space.

Metallic: crisp and vibrant, metallic FUJI PEARL prints are renowned for their “whiter than white” highlights and incredible shadow detail – offering first-class colour reproduction every time.

Duratrans: Durable Transparency (Duratrans) photo prints provide exceptional clarity and colour saturation and can be backlit on light boxes, thanks to their translucent base.

Ready to make a big impact? Explore the potential of our large photo prints to find your perfect fit.

What makes professional photo printing different?

At Digitalab, our reputation is built on a commitment to uncompromising quality – and that’s what you can expect when you order photo prints with us. Our family-run business is as much a passion project as it is a professional printing company – with a love for beautiful images at the heart of our ethos.

With over 65 years of experience in photo printing, we’ve worked with photographers to achieve outstanding visual outcomes for decades – and it’s this professional heritage that helps us to deliver the best online photo printing services you’ll find in the UK.

If you’re wondering whether to opt for a professional photo printing lab, here are just some of the benefits that come with going pro:

  • Superior quality prints created using state-of-the-art equipment and brought to life by experienced photo printing specialists
  • First-class customer service at every stage of the process, from confirming your print order to presenting the finished product exactly the way you want it
  • Value for money, with every print offered at the best price without sacrificing photo printing standards at any point
  • The professional treatment – with mounting and framing options galore, plus the highest level of image aftercare to help your prints last forever (or close enough)

We believe that you get what you pay for – and our printing service comes with a quality guarantee. Rather than offering cheap and cheerful prints that are churned out in minimum time at the expense of their quality, we strive to deliver the best possible balance of value, excellence and speed – providing our customers with prints that do their images justice.

The Digitalab team understands that professional photographers rely on industry credibility to win new business – and image quality is at the root of every photographer’s reputation. We work to preserve and enhance your images by creating photo prints that look stunning and last a lifetime – and by keeping our customers satisfied, we help you to do the same.

To find out what our customers think of our professional photo printing service, check out our testimonials.

Will my prints be delivered?

Our Photo Printing Services

As a Digitalab customer, your convenience is of the utmost importance – and we tailor every photo printing experience to your needs. Depending on the size and nature of your prints, as well as your location, you may prefer to have them delivered – and that’s no problem. Serving photography lovers and professionals across the UK, we offer a first-grade delivery service to our customers – meaning that, once you’ve submitted your order, all that’s left to do is wait for your beautiful new prints to arrive.

We offer online photo printing UK-wide, so that customers across the country can find the prints they’re looking for, whatever their address. Whether you’d like to order photo prints online and stop by the lab to pick up the finished product; submit your order via post and have your prints delivered to your door; or whatever else, we’re committed to providing a bespoke service that puts your convenience first.

Print only orders

If you’re ordering no-nonsense photo prints to be delivered, these will arrive at the address you’ve provided within 7 working days of you placing your order. In special circumstances, we do everything we can to accommodate urgent orders and may be able to arrange next day delivery. To find out more about our special delivery service or place an urgent order, give us a call on 0191 232 3558.

Specialist products

In the case of custom photo printing services, such as framed or mounted prints, acrylic blocks and photo albums, delivery may take up to 14 working days after your order has been accepted. In the event that it will take longer than this for your prints to be delivered, a member of the Digitalab team will get in touch within this 14-day period with an alternative timeframe.

For everything you need to know about your rights and liabilities, check out our Terms and Conditions.

Postage and packaging

Postage and packaging (P&P) costs vary from print to print, but all costs are made clear at the beginning of the checkout stage when placing your order. All photo print prices include VAT and you can find a breakdown of P&P costs on our dedicated page.

Alternatively, if you’d rather swing by our printing lab and pick up the finished products in person, we’d love to see you! For our address, enquiries information and anything else you’ll need to find us, head straight to our Contact page.

Ready to get started? Explore our online catalogue of photo printing options now to find your perfect match.