At Digitalab we have 2 main options for you to order your photographic prints. For the vast majority of our customers our ONLINE PHOTO PRINTING SERVICEprovides an easy and efficient way to order your prints and other photographic products. For those of you requiring large exhibition prints then sending files to us via our WE TRANSFER channel is probably your best option. Whichever you decide to use there is some guidance below on how best to set up your files before sending them to us.

Please note that if you are uploading via our online printing service that this system will only accept JPG files.

  • To get the best results please work in sRGB colourspace ( not CMYK ).
  • Files should be supplied in 8-bit mode. We use Noritsu 3701HD printers and a Lightjet 5000 printer and these will only handle 8 bit files.
  • All prints up to and including 18″x12″ (plus panoramic format prints up to 36″x12″) are printed on our Noritsu machines. Ideally these should be supplied at the required print size at 300dpi.(For good quality we advise at least 200dpi.)
  • All prints larger than 18″x12″ are printed on our Lightjet 5000 printer and these should be supplied at 305 dpi.(*images can be saved at half the print dimensions, see LIGHTJET INTERPOLATION below.)
  • If you require large prints on our Lightjet printer you can supply JPG files via our online ordering system or if you prefer to send TIF files please use the WeTransfer channel.
  • If sending TIF files for large prints please flatten your images and do not use LZW compression.

LIGHTJET INTERPOLATION – enables you to save smaller files or enlarge your files to sizes bigger than other printers can

*Images above 18″X12″ that are printed on our Lightjet can be saved at half the dimensions of the required size print. For example, if you require a 20″ x 16″, you can halve the dimensions, so you can save the file at 10″ x 8″ at 305dpi, our Lightjet 5000 digital printer can interpolate the file up to the required size without losing image quality. Remember to tell us that you want a 20″x16″ print though!


All the above information on file size and colourspace etc. remains the same but the following the instructions below will help to minimise turnaround times.

  • Save your files in folders according to size and finish.(Not necessary when uploading online)
  • Flatten images. If you wish to keep your own file in layers then save a copy and flatten it before sending.
  • Give files instructional names if they are not within a print size folder i.e. car_20x16gloss_2off.tif (Not necessary when uploading online)
  • If sending on CD please use CD-R’s rather than rewritable CD’s (CD-RW’s)


For different formats, or odd size prints, simply increase the canvas size to a normal format. For example, if you require a 10″ x 6″ print simply increase canvas size to 10″ x 8″. If you do not do this our Noritsu printer software automatically enlarges the 6″ inch dimension up to 8″ and will therefore increase the 10″ dimension by the same enlargement ratio and this will result in the cropping of the longer dimension.

  • When using the online ordering system once the image is uploaded you can click on the “edit tool” then the “crop” option to check that you won’t lose any of the image when cropped to the selected print size, or crop as you require.


The online photo printing service prices can be found here.. Online Photo Printing Prices