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Windows 7 & Mac OS X compatible Online Photo Printing software & it’s free!

26th November 2010 by Alex Ingram

Due to customer demand we are now happy to announce that we have a Beta version of our Desktop Kiosk available to download from our online photo printing website. This is now compatible with Windows 7, Mac OS X & Linux. The new Desktop kiosk software features a drag and drop interface designed to suit a typical professional photographer’s workflow. It also allows for much faster image selection and much faster uploads to our online ordering system. There is more functionality to come and it is undergoing further development so any feedback is valued. Click here to download Digitalab’s new Windows 7 & Mac compatible digital photo printing Desktop Kiosk software

If you already have our previous Desktop Kiosk on your system this new software will not overwrite the old one but will run as a separate program.