Darkroom days..

Here’s a great video about the dying art of the photographic darkroom, courtesy of The Guardian.  I’m glad to say that we still have a couple of traditional enlargers still actively in use in our darkrooms doing both colour and Black & White hand prints and that we still process E6, C41 and Black & White films.. so the art isn’t completely dead. I would guess that 95% of our work is still C-type printing but using digital exposure via RGB lasers, either on our Lightjet 5000 or our Noritsu High Definition minilab, rather than through enlarger, this way you get the best of both worlds.. not only full digital control of the image but probably most importantly a true photographic print on light-sensitive silver-based paper with the tonal gradation and shadow and highlight detail that we think is far superior to that which a giclée printer can achieve.

Anyway enjoy the video, I can smell the chemicals from here.