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What’s Your Photography Alter-Ego?

If you’re an aspiring photographer looking for your trademark style, this can be a perplexing process. Anything worth doing is worth putting your stamp on, which is why it’s so massively important to find your niche – and it’s no different in the photography world. We know it can be difficult committing to a niche when you haven’t got that sense of direction – but fear not. Most professional photographers will tell you that their subject matter of choice says a lot about them – and it works both ways. So take a cheeky peek at your options and see where you fit.

Portrait Photographer

You’re a people person with a great zest for life and are respected for your compassionate nature and genuine sensitivity. You’re a pro with advice, an excellent judge of character and rarely think on a superficial level – these qualities make you a person that people can trust implicitly.

Fashion Photographer

You are most definitely a visual person – you have a great appreciation for aesthetics and fully understand what it means to be a perfectionist. Your attention to detail is excellent and you’re renowned as someone with an inherent sense of style – being a part of the cultural zeitgeist is a huge concern of yours and something which comes naturally.

Wildlife Photographer

You are very much in touch with your spiritual side, regularly thinking outside the confines of your own existence. You are powered primarily by curiosity and a desire for understanding. You’re fascinated by the natural world and compassionate and receptive as a result. You like to stand for something and are respected for it.

Event Photographer

You’re a spontaneous person who lives for the moment and seeks thrills. It makes you happy to see other people happy and you’d take experience over material possessions any day. You thrive on atmosphere and never miss an excuse to socialise.

Documentary Photographer

You’re someone with a real sense of purpose. You have a real thirst for knowledge and are fascinated by other people’s experiences. It’s less important to you to think about yourself than to consider what someone else is feeling, if only to gain some understanding of their identity.

Commercial Photographer

You’re charismatic, sharp and people savvy. You think with your ego and are very perceptive when it comes to others’ behaviours and motivations. You’re brilliant at getting what you want thanks to your powers of observation and natural charm – your social skills are something you can easily use to your advantage.

Art Photographer

You’re an abstract thinker with a vivid imagination and a whole lot of depth. You don’t take anything at face value, preferring instead to think outside the box and deconstruct what others don’t think or care to question. You think in whys rather than whats and are the genuine article, plain and simple.

So what’s the verdict? Drop us a comment and let us know.