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Digitalab Featured Photographer: Tom White

8th January 2014 by Alex Ingram

At Digitalab, we appreciate the power of photography, whether it’s personal or professional. We asked Tom White for one of his images and posed a couple of questions to find out exactly what it is he loves about photography and what he’d say to any enthusiastic photographer hoping to make a career out of their passion.


Tell us a bit about this image and why you chose it to be featured.

I chose it to be featured because I don’t think I’ve ever seen colours quite like that before, with just the right amount of clouds to reflect the sun. The sand had also turned a beautiful purple colour with parts of the sky reflected in pools of sea water. Driving across the causeway the sky was starting to light up and I could tell it was going to be an amazing morning.

Which styles of photography most interest/inspire you?

Landscape photography is what I am most passionate about and in particular I am inspired by those photographers that push themselves to get the picture they want. The buzz of getting to places that require a lot of physical effort and then to compose a good picture is something I really enjoy.

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

The one piece of advice I would give any photographer early in their career is to never lose the enjoyment of what you do and don’t be confined by what others may label as original or unoriginal.

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