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Digitalab set to bring Death Valley to life

21st July 2014 by Alex Ingram

A Newcastle-based prolab is set to stage a unique six week exhibition of latest work from multi-award-winning Tim Wallace – widely acclaimed as one of the top ten most influential photographers in the world today.


Digitalab will display around thirty images shot by Wallace using just one camera and one lens in an abandoned ‘ghost town’ in the hostile Death Valley desert in Nevada.

Said Wallace: “The sheer scale and beauty of the Death Valley wilderness has always held a fascination for me and the idea of a photographic expedition to an abandoned town in its very heart was irresistible. Darwin is a very long way off the beaten track and it actually took two trips to even find it.”

Lured by the prospect of rich textures and outstanding light that prevail in the American ‘ghost town’ he planned simply to capture what he saw before him.

He added: “There are three things that will remain with me always from my visit to Death Valley. The sheer deafening silence as the sun dropped across the valley and left both me and the town in darkness; the discreetly parked US Army truck with the not so discreet bullet hole in the windscreen –  and then noticing that every clock that I came across had stopped at 4:20 on Sunday the 13th. !”

Wallace ultimately required very high quality output for his first-ever exhibition but needed to travel light. He chose to shoot exclusively with the highly portable Fujifilm X-Pro 1 CSC with a 14mm f/2.8 lens.

Long life for Death Valley prints:

The Wallace exhibition prints will be galleried on Fujifilm’s Crystal Archive paper – which can provide over 100 years’ longevity.

Jill Roe, Digitalab’s owner and exhibitions manager said: “Tim is a long-standing customer and a very talented photographer and we are thrilled to be staging this show at our in-house gallery. The fact is you simply can’t get better than a C-Type print for quality and archival stability and we’ve combined the tradition of silver paper with laser printing to ensure the very best results.

The prints will be on sale through our dedicated website address once the exhibition opens on August 7 – and I’m sure they will be a very attractive purchase for fine art collectors.”

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