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Mobile to Mount: Exploring Instagram Photo Prints

With technology advancing at an incredible speed, the gap between professional and mobile photography is ever changing – and it’s now easier than ever to capture the perfect picture on the go. Thanks to savvy smartphones, you no longer need to feel the disappointment of having left your camera at home – as you can create the ideal composition using your phone. With mobile apps like Instagram paving the way for even the most inexperienced artist, photographers new to the game and seasoned in their field can use smartphones to create the perfect composition if they’ve left their camera at home – although they’ll never be able to replace the benefits of investing in a DSLR.instagram-photo-prints

If you’re looking to print Instagram photos, UK-based photo printing providers like us make sure you have access to an array of flexible printing options – and we’ve compiled some need-to-know tips to help you on your way, as well as some essential pointers to keep in mind before you go ahead and choose your format.

What you need to know

Aspect ratio: Instagram images are square, and paying due consideration to your image’s proportions will be key to the quality of your photo when it’s time for printing. If you need help understanding aspect ratio and choosing the best printing option for your image, the experts at Digitalabare always happy to help.

Whether you’re a professional photographer capturing wildlife on the move or an enthusiastic amateur who loves taking selfies, you can use Instagram photography to get creative. And when it comes to your Instagram images, why settle for viewing your memories on a screen? Thanks to online photo printing, you can use your Instagram app to bring photos to life and transform them into professional portfolios or tangible keepsakes – and there’s a type of print to suit every image.

Types of prints

Acrylic frames

Contemporary acrylic photo frames are most suited to portrait, landscape and commercial photography – so whether you’re using Instagram to capture a stunning landscape or photograph the perfect portrait, acrylic frames can bring your images to life.


Gone are the days when your phone stayed in England while you holidayed abroad. These days, our smartphones fly with us – and they make the perfect holiday companion when it comes to taking pictures of your trip. If you’ve returned from your summer break with an Instagram account full of sunkissed snaps, compiling them into a photo album is the perfect way to keep your memories fresh and allow you to bask in holiday nostalgia for years to come.

Print boxes

Print boxes can be a stunning gift for any occasion, as they allow you to create a truly bespoke present using images from your Instagram account. Whether you want to create a unique wedding present or a personal birthday gift, a print box takes away the stress by allowing you to upload photos directly from your Instagram account.

Canvas wraps

If you’re looking for a print style suitable for a home interior, canvas wraps offer a contemporary way to display your images. Whether it’s a print for the kitchen or a photograph to brighten up the hallway, your Instagram photographs can become a core part of your home decor.

If you’re interested in converting your social media images into high-quality prints, Instagram photo prints give you the chance to do just that. Now you have the low-down on producing the perfect print, you can begin experimenting with Instagram photography and enjoy bringing your images to life.

If you’re looking to turn your social media shots into professional quality end products, get your Instagram photo prints at Digitalab. Providing online photo printing via a number of social networks and apps, we’re committed to giving our customers the best possible results every time – order online now to get yours.