Digitalab Featured Photographer: David Johnson

We love to work hand-in-hand with our photographers and really value the relationships that we build with them. Getting to know a photographers particular style, their printing preferences and the nature of their work is all part of the package here at Digitalab.

We recently created a stunning set of Sample products for Davids new studio, here in Newcastle. During the process of consultation on imagery and product selection for the project we asked David to share his inspiration and influences for his work along with his plans for the future.  


Davids most challenging image to date – 10 puppies!

Who inspired you to become a photographer?

It all happened by accident really, I always loved taking photographs from a young age. My Dad had an old film camera that I used to play with as a child (even when it had no film in!). There is just something about a camera clicking that really excites me and give me a buzz. It was in 2009 that I started to take things seriously when someone asked to buy one of my photographs. From there, everything just took off! I started shooting anything and everything I could and I found my niche in Pet Photography and Weddings.

What is your all-time favourite photography shoot?

I love so many of the shoots that I have done, but I recently photographed a litter of TEN French Bulldog puppies that were only seven weeks old, plus their two parents. Getting all twelve dogs to sit still was challenging, but a whole lot of fun!!! It also earned me my first gold award with the SWPP.

What made you dive into the world of pet (and especially dog!) photography alongside your successful wedding photography business?

Well when I was born, my parents had two Great Danes and a Pug. I have lived with and been around dogs my whole life, so working with them comes as second nature to me. When I opened my first studio in 2013, I ran a promotion for dog photo shoots, and I haven’t stopped shooting them since. I have done all different kinds of photography, but I just LOVE shooting the dogs!

What is your camera of choice and why?

I have been a Canon guy for years and years. My first digital SLR was a canon 450D (which I still own) but I now use a couple of Canon 5D for the dogs and weddings. I just started using Canon and stuck with them!

What one piece of advice would you give to any aspiring photographer?

Invest in education, not equipment! A good camera does not make a good photograph! A good photographer makes a good photograph!

Is there anything that you would love to photograph?

I am planning on taking a working trip to New York to photograph dogs in the city and around Central Park. Also, on a slightly unrelated subject, I have always wanted to photograph food for a cook book!
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