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The Photographer’s 2017 Kit Bag

Photographer's Kitbag

Whether you’re a busy studio photographer, keen landscape enthusiast or a lover of traditional dev and print, it’s an exciting time to be a photography fan. Thanks to an ever expanding and more powerful collection of photo editing software, the multitude of national trade shows, seminars, training courses and festivals celebrating the industry and the ‘arms race’ between the leading camera manufacturers it’s never been easier to hone your craft or share your creations with the world.

At Digitalab, we love any excuse to talk photography – and today, we’re giving you a peek inside our Photographers Kit Bag. From the innovative apps we can’t get enough of to our favourite photography festivals and Events, we’re giving photography enthusiasts everything they need to make next year’s portfolio their best one yet.

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    Photo London

    The third edition of Photo London commences May 18th  and there’s a lot on offer at this international photography event. Bringing together leading photographers, exhibitors, curators and dealers, you’re invited to be a part of this world-class photography fair.


    Fujiholic Events

    Fujiholics ( a family of Fujifilm addicts from around the world owned by Matt Hart and Paul Sanders who are Fujifilm UK Ambassadors. Fujiholics aim to provide Free and Paid workshops and events around the world. They organise at least four Free Photowalks a year in the UK. They also provide training with Professional photographers in all genres of photography on location around the world and with some of the best Photography dealers in the industry. Check out their event guide HERE


    The SWPP Digital Imaging Roadshows

    The SWPP Convention held earlier in January was a huge success again and continues to go from stregnth to stregnth. If you missed out do not worry! The Societies hold a series of fantastic Roadshows across the UK. The Digital Imaging Roadshows always draw the top exhibitors and guest speakers in the country and are always worth a day out. You can also pre-book for 2018’s Convention which is sure to be even better than this years!


    The Photography Show

    The Photography Show returns to the NEC for the fourth year in 2017. A much anticipated event in the image-making community’s calendar, it will take place between 18-21 March, offering visitors the chance to try the latest technology from leading photography brands and access a variety of seminars, demos and conferences, designed to suit all levels of photographer.



    PhotoHubs are exciting regional events aimed at all passionate photographers looking for high quality, affordable training, and unique networking opportunities. The definition of a ‘hub’ is  “the effective centre of activity, region, or network”.  ‘PhotoHubs’ market themselves as that centre for all photographers! On offer at all of the PhotoHubs Events is high-quality training, seminars, workshops and intensive themed dedicated ‘Boot Camps’ at some of the two-day events that are all designed to accelerate learning. Great trade suppliers are also present at some of our events offering one2one opportunities to speak to you and exhibit their products.


    Digitalab on the road

    We are currently exhibiting at 10 shows around the UK this year! With new shows being added all the time, it’s always a good idea to keep up to date with where we will be on our “Events” page. The trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to meet our client base and introduce ourselves to new faces as well as display some of our fantastic product range.



    Side Gallery

    We are thrilled at the relaunch of the fantastic Side Gallery here in Newcastle. The Amber collective ( opened Side Gallery in 1977, because there wasn’t a venue in Newcastle, at the time, which would show the documentary work it was producing. In 1978 the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson celebrated his 70th birthday with a retrospective at Side. The catalogue of photographers who have shown here since is remarkable. The recent redevelopment work will hopefully enable them to build on this over the next 10, 20, 40 years.


    Open Eye Gallery

    The non-profit Open Eye Gallery was founded in 1977 and celebrates innovative and independent photographers – with a colourful catalogue of exhibitions to fill your calendar. Based in Liverpool, this gallery has championed the artform for almost 40 years – and you could see your works on display in this legendary exhibition space.


    The Photographers’ Gallery

    At London’s largest public photographic gallery, the exhibitions range from historical images to daring new projects. The Photographers’ Gallery is a place where artists can discover up-and-coming talent and participate in everything from specialist workshops to social happenings.


    C / O Berlin

    Located in the heart of the German capital, C / O Berlin is a non-profit photographic gallery home to a calendar full of changing exhibitions, seminars and workshops – well worth a visit for any photography lovers and professional artists looking to explore the international scene.


    The Photographic Angle

    The Photographic Angle is responsible for a collection of free exhibitions, touring the UK and transforming public spaces into transient art galleries. Submit three of your favourite images for a chance to exhibit alongside a diverse suite of photographic specialists.


    Michael Hoppen Gallery

    Opened in 1992, the Michael Hoppen Gallery is a monument to the medium and home to a combination of photographic masters and breakthrough artists. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, London, this diverse gallery celebrates the past, present and future of photography.



    Photography Farm

    This residential photography workshop nurtures budding artists, helping them to develop their skills and brush up on their business acumen. Photography Farm is the brainchild of alternative wedding photographer Lisa Devlin, who makes it her mission to impart the valuable insight she’s gained throughout her career in the industry.


    Nigel Wilson Workshops

    Described by Time Out magazine as “the best photography course in London”, Nigel Wilson’s workshops are packed with technical expertise – giving you both the aptitude and confidence to realise your full potential as a photographer, with dates available throughout 2016.



    Aspire Photography Training

    Commercial awareness is key to a successful career as a photographer, and Aspire Photography Training gives you the tools to take the market by storm – with courses on everything from photographic themes to business development.



    Situated in West Yorkshire, Shootsmart Photography Training offers expert guidance on all kinds of photography. Whether you prefer group workshops or one-on-one training sessions, you’ll find your ideal learning experience right here.



    London School of Photography

    From stock photography to portraiture and photojournalism, the London School of Photography has a menu of masterclasses to suit all tastes. Inspiration and motivation are at the heart of every LSP course – helping photographers of all skill levels to reach their individual goals.



    Fujifilm X-T2

    Fujifilm’s X-T1 was so close to perfection, and now the X-T2 has taken everything that made its predecessor so great and improved on it. You still get a pleasingly old-school design which is both weather-sealed and reassuringly robust, but the quality of the video capture has taken a huge leap forwards – this is now a superbly capable all-rounder for taking on both stills and video work.

    Equipped with a 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III image sensor and the X-Processor Pro Engine, users will be able to capture finely detailed imagery quickly and with low noise at sensitivities up to ISO 51200. The powerful combination permits rapid image capture at up to 8 fps with full AF tracking or at up to 14 fps using the silent electronic shutter. In terms of AF, the X-T2 uses an Intelligent Hybrid system with 325 points that ensure accurate, fast tracking of subjects in all modes. Steve Huff wrote a fantastic blog on the X-T2 which can be found HERE


    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

    It’s not like the 5D Mark III was a bad camera – it was one of the best high-end DSLRs money could buy. But as you’d hope, Canon has revisited its legendary DSLR and pushed it to ever-greater heights. You now get impressively crisp 4K video recording as part of the package, and autofocus – traditionally a weak point – is now good enough that you can rely on it in most situations. This is a huge step forward for shooting video, but the quality of the photographs you get from the 5D Mark IV is better than ever.

    The upgraded 61-point autofocus sensor is a welcome addition; the full-frame sensor now has 30.4 megapixels to play with; and continuous shooting now hits 7fps, up from the 6fps on the previous model. Apart from a few nit-picks, this is a DSLR to be reckoned with. Whether you’re a deep-pocketed amateur or a professional that’s looking for an upgrade on an older model, this is one purchase you’re unlikely to regret. A great review by Tech Radar can be found HERE


    GFX 50S

    Characterised by its large sensor, advanced imaging capabilities, and modular design, the GFX 50S from Fujifilm is a unique medium format mirrorless camera that is highly versatile and distinctly portable. At the heart of the GFX camera system is the 43.8 x 32.9mm 51.4MP CMOS sensor, which pairs with the X-Processor Pro image processor to produce files with extremely wide dynamic range and high resolution, as well as an extended sensitivity range of ISO 50-102400 for working in difficult lighting conditions.

    The sensor’s large form factor also achieves a unique three-dimensional look with especially smooth tonal and colour transitions. Beyond this, the sensor and processor combination also avails the ability to work in a variety of aspect ratios common to traditional large and medium format film cameras, as well as the ability to shoot at up to 3 fps or record Full HD 1080p/30 video. As forward-thinking as the GFX 50S is, its use of film-camera inspired design imbues it with intuitive operation and the ability to apply the camera system to myriad styles and methods of image-making. A full review can be found over at Amature Photographer  HERE


    Sony Alpha A6000

    This is a serious CSC, from its aluminium shell to its wide range of controls, including nice and chunky mode and command dials, so you can quickly set up the camera as needed.

    The sensor now has a big 24 megapixels, and is the same size as the sensors found on most consumer DSLRs, so there’s no lack of detail. Sony’s cameras continue to impress us for their low noise, with ISO 1600 being practically noise free and even ISO 6400 being usable.

    It’s fast too, bursting at up 11fps and the phase detect autofocus system covers practically the whole frame and is blisteringly quick and accurate. It’s also amongst the best video cameras you can buy at this price. A comprehensive review can be found on the excellent ‘Expert Reviews’ HERE


    Nikon D5

    The Nikon D5 is the company’s flagship action-oriented DSLR, sporting a 20.8MP full-frame sensor, 153-point autofocus system and a full-size, double-grip chassis that is both tough as nails and exceedingly comfortable to use. Though the core build of this camera remains very similar to the D4S, the sensor and autofocus system are entirely new and – as we’d expect – designed with speed and reliability in mind. For a full review, head over to Digital Photography Review HERE



    Fujicolor PRO 400H Professional

    Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type, extremely fine-grain colour negative film that is suited especially to portrait photography. It provides wide exposure latitude from under- to overexposure’s, superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, highly faithful colour reproduction and an exciting three-dimensional appearance to the image and single-channel suitability for uniform printing efficiency. The new generation emulsion design allows for optimum scanning quality. You can neither buy this from ourselves in the Lab or from Fuji HERE



    Amateurs and professionals alike will fall head over heels in love with PhotoJoJo – the online store fit to burst with gorgeous photographic gifts. From lens wraps to smart projectors, this irresistible site is an online treasure trove of treats photographers can’t resist adding to their baskets.


    Really Right Stuff

    Delivering state-of-the-art camera support systems to its customers, Really Right Stuff is your one-stop shop for professional tripods – with a range of robust, flexible and high quality products on offer, and options to suit all skill levels.



    The humble shoulder strap is rarely in the spotlight – but BlackRapid considers camera accessories a priority. Ergonomic design and customisable storage make these shoulder straps the most versatile options on the market – giving you the chance to find your camera’s perfect match.



    SHUTTERbag is the female photographer’s first choice for beautiful, functional and durable leather camera bags – offering artists a way to transport their equipment in safety and style. Find your favourite shade and head straight to the checkout.


    Think Tank Photo

    Transporting gear with care is a key concern for any professional photographer – and at Think Tank Photo, finding your ideal travel companion is easy. Think Tank’s rolling cases are premium quality and designed for photographic equipment to give you total peace of mind wherever you go.


    PocketWizard PlusX

    PocketWizard’s class-leading wireless triggering systems give you the power to free your flash from your camera – and the PocketWizard PlusX radio is compatible with all of the brand’s transmitters and receivers. Simply attach one to your camera and another to your remote flash, then get shooting.


    Exposure X2

    For over a decade, Exposure has been the go-to creative photo editor for digital photographers seeking a smarter, faster way to work. Exposure X2 continues this tradition, and is the follow-up to the award-winning Exposure X.

    You won’t find unnecessary complications like catalogues, imports, or separate user modules. Instead, Exposure streamlines your workflow. You’ll become more efficient at organising your photos and transforming them into beautiful works of art.

    Exposure is also flexible enough to adapt to different workflows. Use it as your complete solution for non-destructive RAW editing, or as a creative editing plug-in with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.


    Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan and allows you to bring your images to life – intensifying colours, emphasising your focal point and recreating the beauty of the real thing. Organise, edit and share your photos with ease thanks to the desktop and mobile apps.



    theimagefile is the UK’s award-winning image management web solution. Designed by photographers specifically for photographers to display, proof and sell images online.

    Quite simply they offer you a cost effective, cash generating solution for your business. The solution goes way beyond just getting your images elegantly online for sale or distribution. theimagefile is the complete web strategy for the professional image-maker with a wealth of advanced functionality and services, constantly updated, to help you save time and help your business grow. Keep an eye out for Digitalab joining the list of suppliers in 2017!



    Intuitive and impossibly user-friendly, Canva offers a perfectly practical solution to your image editing needs. With the facilities to create powerful layouts, add a range of graphic assets and typography, and save images in high quality PDF format – all at lightning speed – this free online software is the answer to any photographer’s post-production prayers.


    Paint the Moon

    Offering Photoshop actions for photographers, Paint the Moon takes the hassle out of image editing – helping artists realise their vision quickly and cohesively. Intuitive for beginners and robust for seasoned photographers, these resources are as flexible as they are powerful.


    Palette Gear

    The future of photo editing is here and its name is Palette. This game-changing technology allows photographers to connect modules, creating a bespoke editing tool that can be integrated with Photoshop, Lightroom and a number of leading applications – putting you in complete control.

    SpyderCHECKR 24

    From camera calibration to colour correction, SpyderCHECKR 24 exists to help photographers achieve the utmost accuracy when it comes to the colouring their images. Giving you a way to capture the authentic shades in every scene, this portable, lightweight tool is the ultimate photographic colour palette.



    With the help of Magisto, you can transform your images into powerful, polished movies ideal for sharing with the world. Created to connect your experiences with the people you care about, this app is free to use and it takes just 3 steps to find a sophisticated finished product.




    StickyAlbums is the professional photographer’s best kept secret, revolutionising the way artists retain clients and win new business. With the ability to create a completely bespoke, branded mobile app, photographers can see their professional branding front and centre and share their app with clients to let them access the shots themselves.



    Editorial photographers will fall in love with Over – the app that incorporates beautiful typography into your images to create stunning and stylish outcomes. Intuitive and impactful, Over harnesses the combined power of text and image with incredible results every time.



    Lighting conditions are crucial to the success of outdoor photo shoots, whatever your subject – and LightTrac gives you all the information you’ll need to organise your shooting schedule and find the optimal time, location and conditions anywhere in the world.



    Nothing gives a sense of scale like sweeping panoramic shots – and Cycloramic is the iPhone app that puts the tools to create, edit and share stunning panoramas at your fingertips. This ground-breaking software transforms your phone into a hands-free panoramic camera. Visit the App Store to experience the magic for yourself.



    Offering “the fastest, highest quality and most advanced three-shot HDR capture on iOS”, ProCamera introduces the control of a DSLR to the mobile photography experience – with a huge range of image editing options to help you make the most out of every single shot.



    Swipe through a digital treasure trove of lenses, films and flashes with HIPSTAMATIC Camera, Apple’s original App of the Year. This user-friendly app helps aspiring photographers enhance their mobile images – with easy, instantaneous transfer options across iCloud, Dropbox and a number of other platforms.



    Triggertrap Mobile enables photographers to use their smartphone as a remote trigger – creating a world of possibilities when it comes to long exposure shots, time lapse movies and high speed photography. Download the app for free and invest in the Triggertrap Mobile Kit to get started.


    If you would like your company or product to be featured in our 2017 kit bag then Email us at to get involved!