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Residency Speaker Spotlight: Karah Mew

The first of our speaker spotlights for this year’s Residency of the North focuses on the amazing Karah Mew, better known to some as The Glass Narrator

Speaker Spotlight: Nina Mace

Recently voted ‘Best Professional Training’ at the prestigious Societies of Photographers trade awards, Nina continues to carve out a reputation of being one of the most in-demand (and busy!) trainers in

The 10 Photo Printing Commandments

In pursuit of producing the perfect photograph, capturing the image is just the start – and when it comes to turning the images into stunning prints, many photographers fall at

Must-Have Software: Your Photo Editing Toolkit

While the world of digital photography is a vast and varied one, there’s a whole other universe to explore when it comes to post-processing Once you’ve gone through the intensive

Traditional vs. Digital: the Debate

Whether you’re a fledgling photographer or professional in training, there’s no denying the benefits of experimenting with different mediums Technological advances mean that digital SLRs are achieving greater functionality with

Lens Love

A photographer is only as good as their creative toolkit, and that includes their lens of choice Newcomers to the world of photography may be a little hesitant on committing

The Photo Composition Breakdown

Professional photography is a fine art – and while art is by nature open to interpretation, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a formula for strong aesthetics By understanding the rules

eBook: The Amateur’s Guide to Professional Photography

At Digitalab, we’re passionate about professional photography If you’re an amateur or aspiring photographer looking to develop your skills and take your photography to the next level, we’ve got the resource

Photographic Tech: Chris Davies

At Digitalab, we’re a bunch of photography fanatics and can’t resist an opportunity to nerd out That’s why we’ve decided to talk to our favourite photographers about one thing we’ve

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