Natasha Ince


Internationally acclaimed Maternity Photographer Natasha Ince will be teaching two hands on workshops at The Residency 2020. Having had a camera since she was a little girl, capturing images and making videos, Natasha started her own business back in 2013. Specialising in Maternity Photography her style is dark, theatrical and dramatic.

“My mission is to empower women. It’s something I feel very passionate about. I focus on mainly Maternity and Mamma & Me sessions because I believe that there aren’t enough photos taken of us Mamma’s as we’re usually the ones trying to capture the moments, so we find ourselves becoming invisible in albums because we’re always behind the cameras instead of in front of them. Be Brave. Be Beautiful. Be Powerful. Our bodies are amazing… and I am here just to showcase that. It’s not about the dresses it’s about making someone feel incredible. I shoot Queens and Goddesses… a woman might not think she is a Queen or a Goddess when she enters the studio, but she sure feels like one when she leaves. It’s about the experience you give to someone… it’s about creating timeless images that will make them feel amazing. Let’s embrace it, let’s make that woman know that she IS strong.”

Maternity Masterclass

In the session Natasha will cover everything she does from preparing her customers before the session, to the lighting and equipment she uses. If you love her style, then this is an unmissable opportunity to learn from her.

Mamma & Me Sessions

Natasha will demonstrate her signature poses from her famous Mamma & Me sessions, explain about the shoot experience, how she styles her subjects and why. She will also explain how she lights her subjects and what she’s looking for from each shoot..