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Let our experts help find your perfect paper

At Digitalab we have been offering a professional printing service producing photo prints for over 70 years. All of our prints are produced by skilled printing technicians here in our custom-built pro lab.

We provide the very best, high quality professional photo prints at economic prices. Transform your digital files into stunning prints that will last for generations to come. We only use the very best original photo papers from Fujifilm in our printing.

To ensure you find the right paper option for your work and are 100% happy with the print quality and output on each paper type we now offer our specialist test print service. Order the same image on three distinct paper types (can be photographic or fine art). Our exceptionally qualified print experts will then handpick which three papers would best suit your photographic style and supply the same print across all three papers so that you may make a decision on your paper of preference. We also have a free comprehensive guide to Colour Management available which is recommended to read through prior to preparing your files for print

Pack of three 9×6 specialist test prints – £10.00