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The Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Photo Print is a wonderful, creative addition to our current professional photographic paper options. Its professional coating has a zero-reflective top layer which creates a stunningly soft and deep-matte effect. Perfect for exhibition work, mounted or framed or for images that require no shine or reflections at all.

This colour paper offers a very soft, sensual feel and touch, with deep, beautiful colour representation. As a professional photographer you can present your photos in a creative and innovative way – this paper turns your photos into fine art.

Production Time 5 working days

“The SUN Award exhibition is now in it’s 29th year and continues to receive excellent reviews from photographers and agencies for both the quality and the variety of the chosen images.
Many people mentioned the prints this year, commenting on their clarity, colour and depth; this is no doubt due to the great care that Digitalab took in the printing and the quality of Fujifilm’s Velvet photo prints.

The surface of the paper being matte means that there are no problems with reflections to interfere with viewing the images but the images are not flattened in any way by the matte finish, this is unusual in a matte paper, the colour quality was very good, clean neutrals and well saturated colours”. – Doug Currie