Bigger Lightjet Prints now available to order online

Due to customer demand we have added some larger print sizes to our online photo printing ordering system.

You can now order prints up to 60″x 40″ through our online system. When sizing your files for these larger prints you can size the files at half the dimensions at 305dpi (the resolution that the Lightjet prints at). So if you are after a 48″x36″ you can upload a JPG sized at 24″x18″ through our online system and because of the LightJet’s superb interpolation abilities you won’t be able to see any loss of quality compared to a print from a full size image. How does the LightJet manage this? Well here is the manufacturer’s technical explanation:

“Using our proprietary adaptive 16-point bi-cubic algorithm, the LightJet enhances sharpness through on-the-fly pixel interpolation. Because the pixels are faithful to the original image, the system can output small files at high resolution with no loss of sharpness. Unlike software interpolators which limit the flexibility of the interpolation process, our hardware uses complex algorithms to produce the best possible results.” 

Well that goes way over my head, so full marks to you if you understand it, all I know is that having used our LightJet for several years I know from the results we have seen that the LightJet interpolation is far superior to results when resizing in Photoshop and the like. The LightJet exposes the photographic paper using lasers to produce stunning true photographic prints which are then processed through RA-4 chemistry. I will again leave the technical bit to the manufacturer:

“Using red, green and blue lasers, the LightJet achieves true continuous-tone photographs without visible dots. Inkjet and electrostatic printers, which simulate photo quality with half-tone dot patterns, would need to image at 4000 dpi to duplicate the same image crispness, highlights and shadow detail.

The larger sizes now available to you online are available in Matt, Gloss or Fujiflex finishes – all Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Photographic papers.

To see exactly what sizes are now on offer please visit the Large Format Digital Printing section of our online system.