Option 1: 2x 14×11”, 2x 10×8”, 2x 5×7”, 2x 7×5”
Option 1: 2x 14×11”, 2x 10×8”, 2x 5×7”, 2x 7×5”

Total Size: 66×36″

Option 2: 2x 12×16”, 2x 8×12”

Total Size: 39×39″

Option 3: 1x 24×16”, 2x 12×16”
Option 3: 1x 24×16”, 2x 12×16”

Total Size: 70×22″

Option 4: 9x 8x8"
Option 4: 9x 8x8"

Total Size: 38×38″

Option 5: 1x 24×20”, 4x 12×8”
Option 5: 1x 24×20”, 4x 12×8”

Total Size: 66×26″

Photo Frame Collections

Our stunning photo frame Gallery Wall Collections make it easier than ever to provide your clients with a unique and high-impact wall décor option that will bring any room to life.

Choose from five individually designed photo frame templates with a choice of moulding options. This choice of layout and frames means that you can create tailored collections that will compliment any client gallery.

Easily drag and drop your images into our pre-set templates in our easy to use online product builder, see how they will look with any of the frames and screen-grab to show your clients or use in roomsets.

Like all of our framed prints, our Gallery Wall Collections are all individually hand-made by our skilled framers here in the lab. The care and attention to detail on each order is clear to see with every photo frame being created from scratch for your unique Collection.

You can choose from six stunning colour options for your collections: White, Cream, Light Brown, Pale Grey, Slate Grey, Blue/Grey and Black.

Production Time 10-14 Working Days

Farrow Narrow Cream
Farrow Narrow Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Farrow Narrow Pale Grey
Pale Grey
Farrow Narrow Blue/Grey
Farrow Narrow Light Brown
Light Brown
Farrow Narrow Black
Farrow Narrow White