Album Personalisation


It’s the little details that make an album truly unique. At Digitalab we understand the importance of creating a unique and memorable experience for your clients. We offer a wide range of stunning personalisation options for our album covers to help you create a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Our album cover designs include debossed, foiling, laser engraving, UV overprint, canvas image cover, and acrylic image cover. Each of these options offers a different look and feel, allowing you to choose the best fit for your brand and style.

We’ve also created a handy guide on exactly how to personalise your album in Digitalab Album Designer – download available below.

Album personalisation


A time-honed and meticulous process. Debossing is also known as blocking, blind blocking or block stamping but it’s all the same satisfying, tactile finish. Traditional methods are used to imprint letters into the cover, stamping your text without the need for ink or foil.

Suitable for: Vintage Leather | Nappa Leather | Birch Leather | Suede | Vegan Leather

Debossing album personalisation


UV Overprint is a method that allows us to print directly onto our materials in either black or white. Similar to our custom blocking option, this option allows you almost infinite creativity with your own bespoke designs or text/font options. Taking away the need to order a custom debossing block, with UV printing there is also no indentation to the cover, providing a smooth and flawless finish.

Suitable for: Vintage Leather | Nappa Leather | Birch Leather| Linen | Hessian | Buckram | Vegan Leather | Suede


A stunning finish using the same imprinting methods of debossing but rather than leaving the blocking nude we press metallic foil into the indentation. Available in Matte Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

Suitable for: Vintage Leather | Nappa Leather | Birch Leather | Linen | Buckram | Vegan Leather


Laser engraving provides an incredibly versatile personalisation option with your imagination the only real limitation!

Upload your design or message and using our state of the art laser system we will burn away the first few layers of the cover to reveal your stunning design.

Please note: laser engraving strips off the top layer of material, often creating  a colour change on the layer below which varies depending upon the base of your chosen material.

Suitable for:  Linen | Hessian | Suede | Vegan Leather


We can create any design or logo on a custom made brass block for stunning, clear impressions on your album covers. Every single design is carefully reproduced using high quality materials that deliver crisp, striking impressions. Choose from three striking foil colours to create the perfect custom mark on your album or keep it blind debossed for a beautifully subtle finish.

Custom debossing requires an additional charge of £40.00 and can add up to 2 weeks onto your production time however it allows you to create something completely unique and is a premium finish for your clients.

To order a custom debossed design simply order your album with a full wrap with no personalisation and state in the comments section that you’d like a custom debossing finish and a member of our team will get in touch to arrange this with you.

Suitable for: Vintage Leather | Premium Leather | Birch Leather | Suede | Vegan Leather


A gorgeous hand built album, choose a material option for back and spine and either an Acrylic or Canvas image panel.

Acrylic Covers are diamond polished 3mm thick ensuring a quality feel

Canvas Covers a wonderfully tactile fine texture cotton canvas

Available with all material options – select Image cover option within Digitalab Designer when ordering.


A gorgeous hand built album created with a full wrap Canvas Image Cover. A wonderfully tactile fine texture cotton canvas complete image wrap. The perfect way in which to showcase your clients favourite image from their shoot.

Available with all size options – select Image Wrap option within Digitalab Designer when ordering.