Being a school photographer is a tough job with all the things you have to get right on the day(s) of the shoot, and with the editing workflow after the event. With Digitalab as your professional school photo printing partner, you are in the safest hands. As one of the leading suppliers to the school’s photography market, we have proof carded, printed, mounted, and hosted online ten’s of thousands of schools photographers’ images across the last 50 years and we’d be delighted to look after you too. With bespoke school photography packages available to all school photographers, you can depend on Digitalab. Don’t forget to ask us about our school photo frames hand-made in the UK to increase your sales.

Digitalab offer two incredible complete automated workflow options that minimises your workload and saves you time and money. Both services have been put in place to give you the perfect option that works for YOUR business.


Digitalab are a proud partner of GotPhoto. GotPhoto is the UK’s leading online solution in school photography and volume photography in general and offer a revolutionary intuitive system, designed to reduce working hours, increase sales and boost profitability.

The GotPhoto system uses a QR coded system to upload your school photography images before allowing parents to logon & order their prints, mounts and photo gifts. As a fulfilment partner, Digitalab provide a white label print, pack and ship service direct to the schools once parents have chosen & paid for their packages.

No more photo sorting
Mobile optimised, easy-to-use online shop
Send automated emails to parents
Create product packs for your customers’ needs
Fulfill white label via Digitalab
image partner

Digitalab can also offer our own completely FREE, automated system that minimises your workload and saves you time and money. Designed for speed, The workflow system will allow you more time behind the lens taking the images and no form filling or ordering systems to worry about leaving you more time to make money!
Create your product offerings by selecting a range of preset packs or create your own pack choices using a combination of the Pre-Sets with any additional packs, framed prints or add-ons with bespoke preview cards designed for you.

Speedy - we take care of all photo sorting
Bespoke preview cards created for you
Automated Workflow
Delivered white label
Completely Free
image partner


Offering fresh & innovative products, Digitalab is aiming to change the face of the school’s photography market. Every year schools demand new products and ideas in order to encourage parents to buy and also offer products which are unavailable to buy on the consumer marketplace. As well as tried and tested favourites such as traditional prints in strut mounts, photo gifts and framed products we offer stunning options from our pro range and will continue to innovate and release new products.

Proof Cards
Choice of photographic, leaflet or printed envelope proofs for your schools
school print packs
We offer a range of pre-set packs you can easily select one that fits your requirements or create your own
group photo prints
A great way to remember class photos, friends & year groups available framed and unframed
add ons
Enhance your bespoke packs with various fantastic add-on and gift products
As well as traditional prints in strut mounts, we also offer an unbeatable range of framed products

SIMS & SEEMIS Data Capture

Digitalab has teamed up with a leading solutions provider, Image Order Services, to provide you with a fast and efficient way to capture student information in order to create images that are ready for Schools Management Information Systems (MIS) such as SIMS™and SEEMIS™.

The procedure requires the purchase of an annual license for the software to create data matrix ID cards which are photographed along with the students.  The ID images and student images are then processed through the software to generate renamed and resized images that are required for school MIS systems.

  • Obtain pupil list from school including first name, surname, class and admission number
  • Generate Data Matrix codes from data and print out onto normal laser/inkjet paper
  • Photograph pupils, whilst photographing Data Matrix codes
  • Process images through Data Matrix Software (Colorworld can manage this process for you if you don’t have your own license of the software)*
  • Generate image disk for school. (If you require a license for the SIMS™ Photo Importer as part of the image disk, then please contact us)

If you need any assistance with this process, then please contact as we have trained staff who can guide you through it.

*Additional charge applies.

SIMS Importer Licenses

Digitalab has been approved by Capita to provide SIMS™ Photo Importer Licenses to photographers who can meet the following criteria.

  • Financial stability
  • School-specific products
  • School reference sites
  • Be an established school photographer
  • DBS (formerly CRB) checks for all relevant staff

If you would like to know more about SIMS™ Photo Importer Licenses and how it can help increase your sales then please contact Karen in the office on 0191 2596926. You will be required to provide a copy of your DBS certificate that is no more than 3 years old.