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Digitalab Featured Photographer: B Photography

13th November 2013 by Alex Ingram

At Digitalab, we appreciate the power of photography, whether it’s personal or professional. We asked B Photography for one of their images and posed a couple of questions to find out exactly what it is they love about photography and what they’d say to any enthusiastic photographer hoping to make a career out of their passion.


Tell us a bit about this image and why you chose it to be featured.

When we started taking photographs they were of the places we loved and we wanted to share that with others. We also had in mind the promotion of the North of England and a raising of awareness of its heritage. One of the first pictures we took was this one of Byland Abbey, an English Heritage property on the North Yorkshire Moors. Although in B+W, we think you still get a real sense of the sun and the beauty of the abbey standing against the blue sky.

Which styles of photography most interest/inspire you?

We love our local landscapes (foreign ones too sometimes, if we can get them!), B+W, interesting people and are always looking for something a little different, away from the obvious.

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

Photography is art; it’s passionate and creative and also fun! Pick up a camera, any camera, and start taking pictures. Keep your camera with you. Many great shots are lost because someone left the camera at home!

B Photography (images by Andrew, Deb and Bee)