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Digitalab Featured Photographer: David Taylor

10th February 2014 by Alex Ingram

At Digitalab, we appreciate the power of photography, whether it’s personal or professional. We asked David Taylor for one of his images and posed a couple of questions to find out exactly what it is he loves about photography and what he’d say to any enthusiastic photographer hoping to make a career out of their passion.


Tell us a bit about this image and why you chose it to be featured.

This is shot from 2013, taken in the Scottish Highlands on Rannoch Moor. As a landscape photographer I’m usually at the mercy of the elements (sadly there isn’t an App available yet which allows me to order sunshine when needed). This was one of those – all too frequent – occasions when rain began rolling in, threatening to end my photography session before it really got going. Fortunately, I’d spotted this shot beforehand and just had time to set up camera and tripod and rattle off an exposure before the hills behind vanished into the murk. I like this shot because it could only have been taken at one particular moment in time and wasn’t repeatable after that.

Which styles of photography most interest/inspire you?

It’s landscape photography that really interests me. There’s something magical about seeing the sun rise over a beautiful scene. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that.

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

No-one is born a photographer. Photographers become photographers through practise. Keep practising, don’t be afraid to make mistakes (as long as you learn from those mistakes…) and don’t be too hard on yourself if an image doesn’t quite work.

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