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Large Format Printing: the Power of Bespoke Branding

13th July 2015 by Alex Ingram

If you’re a booming business or an independent photographer, large format printing gives you a platform to maximise the visibility of your brand by creating a bold statement. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to showcase your images or an enthusiastic entrepreneur on a mission to build brand awareness, large format printing is your key to getting noticed.

If you’re interested in exploring the best large format printing options for your needs, we’re breaking down a range of diverse options to help you find your perfect fit.


Pop up displays, banner stands & exhibition stands

Whether you’re a regular exhibitor or an occasional event attendee, the way you market your brand is essential, so you’ll need to give some thought to how you can encourage traffic to your exhibition stands – and from bespoke banner printing to poster printing, aesthetics count. Pop up banner stands and displays are an exhibitor’s lifeline, as they offer a practical, visual solution to showcasing your brand around the country. Banner stands provide businesses with professional, lightweight, portable displays which are ideal for exhibitions and events – and they can also be used as permanent fixtures in office lobbies or hallways. These versatile exhibition stands are simple to assemble and roll up – making them easy to transport to events UK-wide.

Banner stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – and when it comes to choosing the best banner printing options for your brand, it’s crucial to consider how you want your company and services to be represented. From budget-friendly to extra practical, there’s an array of banner stands to suit your needs – and because they’ll be frequently used and spend most of their time in transit, most displays are designed to be durable. If you’ve already settled on a design, you can upload your image online or, alternatively, have the professionals design a banner stand tailored to your company.

Large format printing

Whether you’ve decided on the most suitable medium for your printing needs or you need some help from the experts, large format professional photo printing is the final stop before your images are transformed into exhibition prints or bespoke framed and mounted display prints. A specialist photo lab can offer you a range of photo printing mediums and, as photography experts, will also guarantee a professional, high quality result every time.

Creating professional displays from your images can take time and effort, not to mention expertise – but choosing a professional photo printing lab can make the whole process smoother, allowing you to concentrate on your exhibition. By choosing an expert lab for your printing needs, you’ll have the satisfaction that your branding is safe in the hands of a team of experienced staff. Whether you’re looking for a pop up banner stand or you want to explore exhibition prints, printing professionals can help you represent your brand in the highest possible quality.

Photographic exhibition prints

As a professional photographer, the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve created the perfect composition. Once you step from behind the lens, you’ll be thinking about ways to showcase your prints – and whether you’re exhibiting at an art gallery or selling your prints privately, professional printing gives you the satisfaction that you’re doing your images justice. Exhibition prints are the perfect large format printing medium for professional photographers, as they turn your eye-catching images from a digital file into a tangible piece of art. This form of printing also gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of specialist photographic materials, including Fujiflex, metallic/pearl and Duratrans – ensuring you get the best possible results for your images.

At Digitalab, we know what it means to protect your brand. Whether you’re a business owner interested in banner stands or pop ups or a professional photographer looking for the best large format prints for your images, we’re printing specialists dedicated to delivering the best results without exception.