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Picture Perfect: 5 High Quality Photo Gifts

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Photographs help us to immortalise the moments we want to remember – and with so many diverse ways to display your precious memories, you can have your photographs transformed into a range of bespoke gifts. Whether you’re in hot pursuit of the perfect wedding present or a unique graduation gift, personalised photo gifts allow you to print your images on everything from photo albums to canvas wraps.

Whichever medium you opt for, photo gifts are the perfect present for any occasion – and turning your photographs from digital images into tangible gifts is a piece of cake. If you’re looking for an easy way to create personalised photo gifts out of your photos, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to help you make your gift as unique as your memories.


1. Photo albums

While they may be the most traditional way of giving a photo gift, albums are still as popular as ever. From wedding albums to baby and toddler photo albums, a collection of memories can be transformed into a bespoke book of images – keeping your memories alive long after the photographs were taken. Photo albums provide stunning personalised gifts for any occasion, especially if they’re filled with fond memories – and ordering your album online allows you to sift through your images to find the very best of the bunch. So, whether it’s a graduation gift full of university photos or a Father’s Day album filled with snaps of your new baby, an album is an ideal way to make your gift a memorable one.

2. Block frames

Whether it’s a class portrait to brighten up a teacher’s office or a family photograph to display in the home, block frames can be designed to suit all tastes. Thanks to their versatility, block frames don’t have to remain fixed in one place – making them easy to transport and ideal for bringing a piece of home with you when travelling. Block frames can be created as an individual display or as part of a set, and can be freestanding or hung on a wall. Whether you’re uploading your photos from a laptop, memory card or USB device, online printing makes it easy to view all your images in one place.

3. Acrylic blocks

Acrylic blocks are a striking, contemporary way of displaying photographs and make a suitable gift for any occasion. Thanks to their 30mm thickness, acrylic blocks can be used as freestanding ornaments, as well as impactful prints. Because they’re mounted onto a special optically-clear adhesive, the images printed onto the blocks have a prism-like appearance – and when viewed from different angles, this 3D effect brings the photographs to life. Acrylic blocks make beautiful personalised photo gifts as they can be tailored to your specifications – and when ordering online, you can also experiment with adding text to your image before settling on a final product.

4. Canvas wraps

Canvas wraps provide a contemporary way of presenting your photographs – and with Digitalab’s high quality giclée canvas wraps and fine art prints, you’re guaranteed professional photo gifts every time. A bespoke canvas wrap can brighten up any home interior, using an original image to bring focus to a feature wall or a set of canvases to tell the story of the family. With a UV protective laminate sealing the canvas print, this durable design makes an ideal gift for anyone, anywhere. The laminate is splashproof and reduces the risk of cracking – so whether your photo gifts will be hanging in a nursery or a bathroom, a kitchen or an office, you needn’t worry about damage to the canvas.

5. Collages

For a present that’s packed with memories, a photo collage makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s a collection of wedding day photos, a romantic timeline or a testament to a long-lasting friendship, a collage gives you the opportunity to get creative and design every aspect of your gift. From images to colours to themes, photo collages put you in charge, making them the ultimate personalised gifts – and they’re easy to create, too. Professional online photo printing makes transferring your images from your digital device or social media accounts a breeze – giving you an enormous pool of photographs to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a creative photo collage or a one-of-a-kind photo album, Digitalab can help you find the best medium for your images and transform them into exclusive, personalised photo gifts. Offering a great array of online photo printing options, we’re committed to giving our customers the best possible results every time. Order online now to get yours.