prints from film

Your photos deserve the royal treatment – and that’s where we come in with our prints from negative service.

With our professional film printing service, you can get beautiful colour and black and white prints from negatives you send to us – and the best part is it couldn’t be easier.

Here’s how you turn your negs into gorgeous colour prints from wherever you are: Get your hands on this mail order form.

Print the form and fill it in, adding any extra instructions you like in the blank space at the bottom.

Send by recorded delivery to our photo lab at:


If you’d like to confirm that your prints from negative order has arrived, or have any questions at all, simply give us a ring on 0191 232 3558 or drop us an email at

At Digitalab, we handle all sizes of neg, from 35mm and 120 and 5″x4″. Our state-of-the-art printing services help you get stunning, high quality colour prints from negatives so your photographs can be experienced at their very best.

prints from film
prints from film
prints from film
prints from film

Archival C-Type prints from 35mm and 120 colour negatives.

Preserve your memories for generations with our multi award winning Professional Photo Printing service.

At Digitalab we have been offering a professional printing service producing photo prints for over 70 years. All of our prints are produced by skilled printing technicians here in our custom built pro lab.

We only use the very best equipment and papers as part of our professional printing service. Choose between Matte or Gloss Fujicolour Crystal Archive DPII professional photographic paper.

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