Who still does film processing these days? – WE DO!

However, we have now moved our multi-award winning film service across to our sister site www.riverandcoast.co.uk

Same team, same outstanding quality, offering film developing, scanning and printing of both Colour and Black & White 35mm & 120 film. We’ve streamlined and added to our service, reduced postage costs and made it even easier to order with less fuss and quicker production times!

Unlike many pro labs, we continue to provide a highly professional specialist film processing service for your film camera work. Our company was founded on the back of film processing and analogue photography and we are incredibly proud to still provide an exceptional and cost-effective service for film photographers.

Our unrivalled C41 processing and Black & White film processing (for both 35mm film and 120 film) services still remain busy with both analogue photographers and professional and amateur photographers across the UK.

Our new streamlined order process makes it so easy for you to place your film orders with us. Simply choose your service (C41 35mm film, black and white 35mm film, C41 120 film, etc), place your order and select if you’d like to add scanning and prints to your order at the same time. When you receive your order confirmation from us simply print it out and enclose it with your films before posting to us – so quick and easy! You will then be notified by email at every stage of the process, when we receive your film, when its been developed/scanned/printed and when it is leaving us.

Great images start with the right choice of film and our friends at Analogue Wonderland stock over 180 varieties! They are a one-stop shop for creative film photographers and ship across the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand!

The Beginners Guide to Analogue Photography

If you are just starting out on your analogue journey then our friends at Analogue Wonderland have something just for you! They have spent a great deal of time working with Marina (from IfWeFilm) on updating their Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – for people looking to understand or refresh the basics of analogue photography. This comprehensive guide is packed with helpful advice and video’s – so if you are ready to  start taking analogue photos and enjoying all that film photography has to offer, click below!