Your photography deserves the very best – and that’s where Digitalab comes in. With our professional film scanning service, you can transform your film into stunning, high quality digital images – and the good news is it couldn’t be easier.

However, we have now moved our multi-award winning film service across to our sister site

Same team, same outstanding quality, offering film developing, scanning and printing of both Colour and Black & White 35mm & 120 film. We’ve streamlined and added to our service, reduced postage costs and made it even easier to order with less fuss and quicker production times!

Here’s how you turn your film into high quality digital files:

To order scans from already developed negatives, Simply head on over to River & Coast and follow the new easy to use order system.

With film scanning services available in, medium and high resolutions from 35mm & 120 film formats, Digitalab’s state-of-the-art film scanning services give you the chance to share, process and print your photos however you want. We will continue this excellent service over at River & Coast

If you need some help figuring out which option is right for you, we can help. For advice or enquiries on your film scanning needs, call or email us today.

If you are not sure which level of scanning you require or if you need images saved at a specific size or resolution then please contact us for advice and pricing.